Smoke Alarm Installations & Maintenance

What is a Smoke Alarm?

A smoke alarm (or detector) is a fire-protection device that automatically detects and gives a warning of the presence of smoke. New smoke alarms use photoelectric technology to detect fire well before a person can, so it is important they are correctly installed to comply with Australian Standards. 

Smoke Alarms protect your loved ones and personal belongings from being destroyed in a fire, so it’s extremely important they are properly installed and maintained.  

Why do I need one?

It’s far to often we have been into a home and seen a smoke alarm cover open or missing with the battery removed. There is no denying that smoke Alarms save lives. Reports have found that the risk of death in a house fire is reduced by more than half if properly maintained smoke alarms are installed.

Don’t Risk It.

A reliable smoke alarm service

Our qualified electricians install and maintain Photoelectric smoke alarms to comply with Australian standard 3786-2014. 

We offer smoke alarm inspections, installations and maintenance for homeowners, property managers, landlords and more.

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  • Installation of smoke alarms 
  • Testing and maintenance 
  • Licensed Gold Coast Electricians
  • Up to date Photoelectric smoke alarms which Comply with new safety regulations 
  • Protect your family and belongings 

New Smoke alarm laws

From 1 January 2017
When replacing smoke alarms, they must be of a photoelectric type which complies with Australian Standard (AS) 3786-2014.Existing smoke alarms, manufactured more than 10 years ago, must be replaced (Note: smoke alarms should have the date of manufacture stamped on them).Smoke alarms that do not operate when tested must be replaced immediately. Existing hardwired smoke alarms, that need replacing, must be replaced with a hardwired photoelectric smoke alarm.
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